Baby Lips-Maybelline

I hate wearing lipstick some days. Sometimes you just feel casual and seem to think you don’t want thick lipstick/lipgloss on. So that’s why I tried Baby Lips which is a lip balm from Maybelline it’s awesome because some colours can still give colour to your lips.


The ones I have are the pink ( sorry I don’t know the proper names ) and the hydrating one so I love these the price was I think £4 in Boots so I definitely am getting more in future!

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Summer Prints🌎☀️🌈


All Jewellery:Claire’s
All MakeUp: Revlon

Great Aztec inspired outfit👗

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Lush- The Comforter- Bubble Bar 🎀🍥🛁

I know I have been doing lots of Lush reviews lately but let’s say I kinda obsessed so today this Lush review is on The Comforter this bubble bar is one word, awesome. I chopped mine in half because it is so big. It smells so good but I can’t describe what like sorry.


This amazing bubble bar makes your water a very pink colour one of the prettiest I have ever seen. The one downside with most bubble bars is that if your bath water doesn’t run fast ( like mine )then the bubble bar won’t make as much bubbles ( it does still make bubbles though )


So I would definitely recommend this bubble bar you could get up to 2-4 goes out of this!

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Lush-Dorothy Bubble Bar

The Dorothy Bubble Bar from the amazing Lush is perfect ,it makes you feel so happy and woken up so it’s pretty fair to say that it’s good for mornings.


This cute bubble bar makes your bath water a pretty dark turquoise colour


So this bubble bar is great and I think it was only around £4.00

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My Spring🌷/Summer☀️ Fashion Sense

I have never been the most girly in ways of fashion it’s always been cool cami greens and navy blue. But this Spring/Summer i feel more girly in my fashion sense. For example floral skirts tucked in with plain white tops


Or a pretty dress

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Covet Fashion

If your like me and loooove fashion and styling then Covet Fashion is the most perfect app it’s really good for all ages as you are actually using real clothes that you can get online. In the app you style outfits with clothes you have and enter events with them. No money is needed but in-app purchases can be made.



London Eye 🎡🚟🇬🇧 Seeing A Dream

Seeing and going on London Eye has always been a huge dream for me and I am sure many other people. So while recently moving to England, a few weeks ago I saw London for the first time ( I have been to London before but can’t remember) so we came out of London Bridge station approached by the stunning Big Ben and beautiful London Eye. It stunned me the hight,the speed and location, which brought me to tears I couldn’t believe my eyes I was standing infront of a dream which I never thought I would see😮😲😂


So I have now walked passed London Eye quite a few times and still not been on but when I get to go on I will probably be the happiest person on earth.😄😃😀

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