Teen/Young Adult Cool Tropical Outfit: Covet Fashion

Hello Everybody, First things first I am really sorry for not posting regularly but I am still on holiday and I only just got time to have a proper sit down and type.Oh and if you would like to hear more about my holiday then stay tuned, it should be in a week. The outfit today is more aimed for teens and young adults but of course anyone could rock this look, which is really tropical (in my book) but I really like it for summer. This awesome outfit was made on an app called Covet Fashion (which I really recommend) and all the clothes mentioned you can actually buy!! But for more details on the app just read earlier posts anyway BYE for another day!!

20140527-124004 pm-45604178.jpg

20140527-124003 pm-45603893.jpg
_the cardigan is optional_

Crop Top: Torn By Robbie Kobo

Shorts: Hudson

Cardigan: French Connection

Shoes/Sandals: Madison Harding

Earrings: Karen London

Necklace: Jenny Bird

Bracelet/Cuff: Svelte Metals

Bag: Oryany

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