Lush Review- BrightSide🍊☀️

Hello EveryOne, Today I am doing a Lush review!! On the one and only BrightSide Bubble Bar, and I know it’s another Bubble Bar but first I really like Bubble Bars and to be honest I’m a bit unsure at lets say Bath Bombs i mean what do the do? Please comment what they do do?AnyWay on to the BrightSide which is an AMAZING bubble bar it smells firstly sooo good just like fresh oranges and the colour it will make your bath water is a kinda a dark orange but it is stunning! To I Guess “work” a bubble bar all you need to do is crumble your bar under hot running water and let it turn your water magical, the great thing about this bubble bar is that it can be used 2 or more times ( which in my book is perfect ) The price of these are also around. 4-5 pounds (I think).

20140529-054159 pm-63719160.jpg
The Bubble Bar ( half of it)

20140529-054229 pm-63749610.jpg
What it makes your water like and if your tap runs fast ( which mine doesn’t) then it will create more bubbles💦

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