Fancy Event In The Summer- A Covet Fashion Outfit

Hello EveryOne, today I have quite a fancy outfit which I think is STUNNING! Especially for a nice summer day at a family event? Or maybe a visit to the park? But this outfit could be for anyone. I made this outfit on an app called Covet Fashion which I have talked about more in earlier posts but I definitely recommended the app👍

20140630-043412 pm-59652991.jpg

Dress: Parker

Shoes: Me Too Shoes

Necklace: BCBGMAXAZRIA (Phew that’s a handful to type)

Ring: Karen London

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Out At The Park-A Covet Fashion Outfit

Hello EveryOne, I have a great Summery outfit that I think would be absolutely perfect for a day out at the park. I have used the top before for an outfit called Girly Lacey Outfit and I think that top is a great summer staple and with these awesome floral shorts this is a really nice outfit!

20140629-094954 am-35394030.jpg

Top: Nicolle Miller

Shorts: Rails

Shoes: Me Too Shoes

Bag: Oryany

Necklace: Stella Valle

Ring: Svelte Metals

Earrings: Tuleste


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The Happiness Of Summer And Spring

20140622-085057 pm-75057283.jpg


The Girl With a Ponytail

IMG_7367I’ve recently been ask if I’m constantly shopping and changing my wardrobe because I’m always seen wearing different outfits. To tell you the truth, if I could, I would probably shop ‘til I drop, but in reality I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I do have moments where I’ll go on crazy shopping sprees, but in general, I try and budget myself. The trick in all of this is to mix and match the items you already have in your wardrobe, and if you’re really good at it, you can come up with an outfit that’ll have people asking if you just went shopping again. I think that’s what fashion is all about, combining items you already have and giving it new life through new outfits. And don’t worry, if you’re lacking inspiration, go on fashion blogs, browse around on the internet, look through magazines, most likely you’ll see an…

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White Wonder-Covet Fashion Outfit

Hello Everyone, I have decided that 2-3 posts a week will be my new schedule as it am just do busy all the time which I really sorry for. But today I am showing you a STUNNING outfit that definitely has a white theme which is a colour (or shade?) that I love for summer and I think maxi skirts are a huge trend in shops at the moment. I styled this outfit on an app called Covet Fashion where you style ” dolls” with clothes that you can actually buy online or in store and don’t worry this game is for all ages ( though I think mostly teens to adults )

20140617-054303 pm-63783998.jpg

Dress: 6 Shore Road

Shoes: French Connection

Clutch/Bag: Be & D

Necklace: Jenny Bird

Earrings: Nicole Miller

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Those Lazy Days- Covet Fashion Outfit

Hello EveryOne, I know,I know I have not posted in what feels like AGES! But it feels great to be back and blogging anyway on with the awesome outfit. So today’s outfit is really casual ( yea mentioned casual way to many times) and it’s for those lazy days were you need something comfy but you still want to look great here it is! Oh and the shoes are optional I chose heels as they added more class. The next post will hopefully be up by Friday!

20140611-053205 pm-63125371.jpg

Top: Three Dots

Leggings: Cut25 By Yigal Arzouel

Shoes: French Connection

Necklace: Stella Valle

Earrings: Karen London

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How To Tackle A Fear Of Flying✈️💺

I have been on a plane many many times and I am now pretty confident when I step into an airport but I know some people aren’t like me and are terrified or always worried about traveling on a plane so hear are just a few tips on how to not be worried on planes or how to overcome a fear of them.

1: Be really organized with packing and luggage when you get to the airport that way you won’t be worrying about on the plane 💼👜👝

2: Don’t arrive to the airport to the airport to early or to late being late is the worst but if your to early then you’ll have nothing to do (unless you have shopping you want to do at the airport)📆📟

3: Have a sandwich or a proper meal to eat before the plane so your stomach is full and I wouldn’t advise having dairy before a plane flight as it might upset your tummy and turn out badly to make you worry even more🍞🍌

4: During take off and landing buy a mentos/chewing gum to have so your ears don’t pop🍥

5: Keep yourself busy whether organising things or whatever you enjoy doing this will keep your mind off what’s scaring you🎧📰📓

6: And remember if your on the way to a country by plane just be happy that (If your on holiday) you get to do this and think about the amazing time you’ll have !😊😉😄

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