My Holiday In Budapest

Hello Everyone, so as you may know I went on holiday to BUDAPEST!!
A lot of the time I’ll tell someone about Budapest and they’ll respond “where’s Budapest?” If your one of those people then it’s in Eastern Europe and the capital of Hungary. I was definitely lucky with weather as it was 30 degrees the whole 4 days I was there. Budapest is stunning and with all it’s amazing sites it’s even more beautiful here. Are some photos of the things I did there and if you have been to Budapest then how’d you find it? And if your wondering we’re you should go for your holiday give Budapest a go it won’t disappoint!
The Hungarian Parliament

20140602-052748 pm-62868172.jpg

20140602-052829 pm-62909754.jpg
Heroes Square

20140602-053247 pm-63167260.jpg

20140602-053338 pm-63218331.jpg
Chain Bridge

20140602-053434 pm-63274232.jpg

20140602-053434 pm-63274525.jpg
Other Sights

20140602-053546 pm-63346222.jpg

20140602-053546 pm-63346492.jpg

20140602-053545 pm-63345966.jpg

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