How To Tackle A Fear Of Flying✈️💺

I have been on a plane many many times and I am now pretty confident when I step into an airport but I know some people aren’t like me and are terrified or always worried about traveling on a plane so hear are just a few tips on how to not be worried on planes or how to overcome a fear of them.

1: Be really organized with packing and luggage when you get to the airport that way you won’t be worrying about on the plane 💼👜👝

2: Don’t arrive to the airport to the airport to early or to late being late is the worst but if your to early then you’ll have nothing to do (unless you have shopping you want to do at the airport)📆📟

3: Have a sandwich or a proper meal to eat before the plane so your stomach is full and I wouldn’t advise having dairy before a plane flight as it might upset your tummy and turn out badly to make you worry even more🍞🍌

4: During take off and landing buy a mentos/chewing gum to have so your ears don’t pop🍥

5: Keep yourself busy whether organising things or whatever you enjoy doing this will keep your mind off what’s scaring you🎧📰📓

6: And remember if your on the way to a country by plane just be happy that (If your on holiday) you get to do this and think about the amazing time you’ll have !😊😉😄

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